While most of the Southeast is evacuating and preparing for Hurricane Florence our guides are busy netting up ridiculous numbers of trout on a daily basis.  This high water bite has been nothing short of epic as TVA pushes 2300cfs down the SOHOSulpher hatch is in full swing in the afternoons for those anglers looking to catch em on the surface.  Looking to move a monster on a streamer, Yep that is available as well.  The Watauga and the South Holston are both fishing great if you are looking to enjoy some late summer and early fall flyfishing here in East Tennessee.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the people affected by this hurricane, May this storm take it easy on our Carolina coast.






Good times and sight fishing to large browns are what is in store on our tailwaters as we round out the summer months and head into football season.  With the low flow and clear water conditions opportunities to spot and cast to large South Holston wild browns has been the name of the game.  Midges have been the trick and treat staple over the last few weeks for the trout of our beloved tailwaters and this will continue until we recieve some higher flows.  After Labor Day TVA should start to drain the reservoir which will get those Sulphurs up and moving.  Both the Watauga and South Holston are fishing well and giving anglers of all skill levels a chance to catch a quality fish and for the numbers angler we have that covered as well.  David Sombach (pictured) drove from northern Virginia just for one day of fishing.  Well, As you can see even after the 6 hour drive fishing with SHRL guide Jon Hooper payed off.  If you are up in the air on where to fish late summer and this fall, Look no further! A east Tennessee tailwater should be on your list.


































A little break from the heat is headed our way along with a wet forecast as we approach the weekend,  This is welcomed with open arms.  To top it off,  The SoHo is running 360CFS, Which is perfect for a float trip or if wading is your thing that we have the water for you.  This flow should be perfect over the next month to wet a line and put a bend in that fly rod.  The South Holston has been fishing good, real good! Our trout are munching on Midges, Scuds and Mayfly Nymphs with an occasional fish looking up for the dry.  This 360cfs should give those Sulphurs a bit of extra help to change life cycles and get those trout eating on the surface!  With this flow dry dropper and light nymph rigs are the way to go with these conditions.

Pictured is Rhett Clarkson with his hands full of brown trout fishing with SHRL guide John Stunkard,  Rhett proves that he is not just a great golfer but a heck of an angler as well.  John and Rhett were the dynamic duo that day boasting a couple of mid 20’s on the SoHo.  We have availability over the next couple months to provide you and your friends or family or possibly a corporate trip with a great experience here at SHRL.   If you are looking for one of these beauties and a smile like Rhett’s, Then come on!  Give us a shout and let us put you on em!



High temperatures and low water is on tap here on our East Tennessee Tailwaters.   These conditions have not slowed down our guide staff from cranking out the trout.  Pictured left, Is Rusty Buzard with a whoppa of a brown and all smiles after a day fishing with SHRL guide John Stunkard.  Pictured right,  Is angler Mike Clancy with a gorgeous wild SoHo brown fishing with SHRL guide Andrew Bright.  Both of these fished were spotted and sight fished to.  If sight fishing for large wild trout gets your juices going than now is the time to be fishing on our rivers

Midges and Mayfly Nymphs and Sulphur’s have been stealing the showing and have been a continuous special on the menu for the trout of the SoHo and Watauga Tailwaters.  Our guides have the rivers dialed in and we have availability over the next few months to get you in on the excitement that our rivers and guides can supply.  Come experience what all the hype is about here at South Holston River Lodge!



Well, Mother Nature must have felt we have reached our saturation point and has given our region a break from the rain, For now.  Despite all the wet weather we have had this spring both Tailwaters are in great shape and are fishing very well.  The Watauga has finally backed off the 24/7 heavy flow and she is ripe for the picking running most of the day at cool 250 CFS,  perfect for floating on one of the most beautiful rivers on the east coast.  You may ask, Are the Sulphurs hatching oh the SOHO?  the answer is a BIG YES.  The Mayflies poured off yesterday giving our guests at the lodge some serious dry fly time all afternoon.  Mayfly nymphs and drys along with some midges are the special of the day for our trout here in east Tennessee.

We are in full swing here at the lodge and it’s been a great season so far.  It will only get better as the SOHO Sulphur hatch gets cranking.  We have availability in July if a last minute trip is in the cards,  Come check us out and see for yourself what our Tailwaters have to offer, You will not be disappointed!



As East Tennessee begins to dry out from the wet spring the fishing here on our Tailwaters is heating up.  The South Holston is running a steady 1200 cfs and the dry fly bite is on.  Some days are better than others as far as hatches but if dry fly is your game then the South Holston has what you need!

The Watauga River is beginning to dial the water back a bunch which will allow even more fantastic options during your visit.  Great things are happening on our rivers and it has been a fantastic start as we slide through spring.

Mother’s day is around the corner and a gift of a fly fishing experience could be just what she is looking for.  Take Mom fishing, She will love it!




The Watauga River Caddis Hatch will be here before we know it and it truly entices  the big browns to look up and gorge themselves on drys.  Here are just a few pics from the past two years on the Taug and hopefully this years hatch will be even better.  The second week of April is when we should start to see this happen.  We still have some availability during this time so if you have not made any plans to fish on our Tailwaters now is the time to get you in on the action.  Hope you enjoy these pics!IMG_1726