Fishing Report September 12, 2016

Surprisingly enough it was hard to believe that even with the largest college football game in history just 7 miles up the road at the Bristol Motor Speedway the South Holston River was like a ghost town this weekend.  On a weekend?  That’s right and the fishing was solid.  While tailgaters and football fanatics were concentrating on pregame preparation the trout on the South Holston were concentrating on my Midge.  If you could stretch out some line and make a good drift they would not let it pass without chomping on the #22.

It looks like TVA will crank the water back up for the next few days after a weekend at low flow.  I like it!!  The high water bite has been great and the dry fly fishing is still presenting itself during these releases.

From soup to nuts, the Watauga and South Holston Rivers are fishing very well and our trout are on the chow for those looking to put a bend in your flyrod or perhaps a little R&R after a long summer.  Let us show you a great experience!!


Until Next Week,

Jon Hooper



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Fishing Report August 31st, 2016

The last few days have been nothing short of spectacular fishing under an indicator on the South Holston.  TVA has been running water in the afternoons giving anglers a peek at both conditions that the SoHo can provide.  The low water midge bite and the high water Sulphur hatch has provided a perfect environment and keeping these fish on the chow!! Dry fly fishing is still presenting itself on a daily basis but make sure your game is tight for these fish have seen plenty of bugs and bad drifts.  Puff Daddys, comparaduns and cripples have all been tricking these fish to the surface.

The Watauga well, could not tell you. The SoHo has been fishing so good there has been no need to make the drive over the mountain but I will be over there this weekend and fill you in on the next report.  Gotta get tying, everyone have a great day!

Stay tuned for next weeks report,


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Fishing Report August 24, 2016

It looks like the heat is back upon us for just a bit as we see the temperatures escalate this week after a rather pleasant weekend on the river.  This will not last, as the temps drop and the days starting to feel a little like fall you can expect the fishing to take a turn from good to great!

The South Holston is still seeing Sulphurs in the afternoons and dryfly action is still presenting itself on a daily basis.  How Long will these hatches last?  Well, some days are better than others as the bugs make the transition and the hatches become shorter.  Not to fear,  the Olives will take the main stage in no time.  Midge fishing has been the name of the game for the past week along with Scuds and Mayfly nymphs all bringing fish to the net.

The Watauga tailwater is a great option for those seeking a different back drop after exploring  the SoHo for a day or so.  This 30 mile tailwater offers a variety of water conditions that will quench the thirst of any angler new or experienced.  The Midge and Olive bite has been consistent depending on the section that you float with some potential dryfly action as well.  This is a great time of year to be on an East Tennessee tailwater,  so come see what the fuss is about and put a bend in your flyrod.


All The Best,




Fishing Report August 14th, 2016

The dog days of summer are in full swing and Mother Nature has sun kissed this region in a big way the last couple of months.  Although the days have been scorchers our water temp was 49 degrees at the weir a few days ago, thats right 49.  TVA has thrown us curve balls regarding water flow on a daily basis but the SHRL guide staff has left a trail of caught and safely released fish on both tailwaters.

The South Holston this week should see a little more generation in the afternoons that will get those bugs cranking again after a weekend of no flow.  Nymphing and drys are in order on the SoHo.  While the Watauga is fishing best under an indicator or the ever popular Japanese beetle bite in the early morning have been racking up numbers with some great fish to boot.  Midges and Mayfly patterns will get the job done on both rivers for a bit as we slide into the Olives in the next couple months.

With school starting back up and hunters prepping their food plots and hanging stands and cameras the river will lack the pressure that it has seen this summer.  This is a perfect time to find some solitude in a drift boat or on foot with us here at the Lodge.  Above Pic is Joe Boland with a big buck of a bow on his second cast at high water, way to go Joe!!


Jon and Team SHRL




Fishing Report July 12th, 2016

Low water in the morning and high water in the afternoons said the little fairy and that is what we are working with here on the South Holston.  This gives anglers the opportunity to experience the best of both worlds.  If stalking big trout at low water is your game?  Then the mornings are perfect for you for sure.  If a high water nymph bite gets you going then a afternoon float should be right up your alley.  Either way Sulphur time is upon us and will continue here on the SoHo.

While the Watauga, our sister river on the other side of the mountain  is running perfect for just about anything.  The Sulphurs are starting to peter out but move on over Empherella’s here come the Olives.  Although small sizes  20-24  these are tasty treats for the trout of the Watauga tailwater and have been showing up daily.

There is always time to work but spending time and having FUN with family and friends is more important.  So grab your mother, father, son, daughter, grandpa, grandma, best friend, mimi, or nana and come out and put a bend in that fly rod.  We teach everyone how to fly fish!!

All The Best,

Jon and team SHRL





Fishing Report July 7th, 2016

South Holston is in full swing for sure!!  Sulphur’s have been exploding in the afternoons and keeping the rods bent has been the name of the game for the the SHRL guide staff.  Both tailwaters have been fishing excellent in the dog days of summer and the bite has not been slow in the heat.  Midges, Sulphur nymphs, Scuds have been on the menu for the trout of the TN tailwaters and will continue all summer long.

If you have some extra time in your schedule come and get a taste of east TN fly fishing here at SHRL, you will love it.

Tight Lines,

Jon and the SHRL team.


Fishing Report June 28, 2016

High water is upon us here on the South Holston and the Sulphurs have been showing up daily around one pm and dry fly fishing has been the choice method.  A great drift over these trout are a must in order to coax a fish to the fly with naturals all over the water.  Mats of Sulphur’s have blanketed the tailwater over the last few days and this should last for a while.

The nymph bite has been good as well for those anglers looking to watch the indicator  on both tailwaters.

Great thanks to the International Angler out of Pittsburgh for another great hosted trip.  We still have dates available if you would like to bring your family or if you have a corporate group that would like to get in on the action.

Jon and Team SHRL