With the recent temperatures you can bet that winter fishing is at it’s finest right here on our tailwaters.  Mother Nature certainly has been kind compared to years past.  The weather looks relatively mild for the next couple weeks making the days much more enjoyable on the water.

Spawning sections are getting ready to open back up on February 1st,  giving us a tad more river to fish.  Egg patterns, squirmies, midges, scuds and olives seem to be the ticket as we enter post spawn.  There are not to many places in the country that are fishing as well as we are right now, we are blessed with some amazing water to explore!

Spring bookings have been pouring in and the summer is starting to tighten up as well.  If you have specific dates that you would like to join us please give us a call – 877-767-7875 or shoot us an email – and we will make sure to get y’all out on the water and put a bend in that fly rod!!



IMG_0599   With the summer heat upon us,  the East Tennessee Tailwaters are in great shape. TVA has keep the water flowing and our trout could not be happier.  Water temperature this time of year can play a big part, especially in the afternoons as the sun beats down on the water.  This is the beauty of fishing a year round tailwater fishery,  with relatively consistent flows it helps keep our trout of the SoHo and Watauga rivers eager to eat even during the dog days of summer.

Midges, Scuds and Mayfly nymphs have been the name of the game over the last month and will continue as we slide into September.  Pictured is SHRL guide Jimmy Cheers and angler Daniella Ainsworth with a whopper of a brown caught on the South Holston this past week.  It definitely took a ton of teamwork to get this one in the net and as you can see the look on Daniela’s face she is more that just a little excited.

If you are looking for a fall fishing trip or trying to put something together last minute, we are a phone call away.  Come and let us show you why you do not have to go out west to have a solid day of fly fishing on two of the best rivers east of the Mississippi.




Fly fishing on our tailwaters has been fantastic the last month and with consistent hatches in the future it will just get better. Seeing some bugs,  but we have been taking it on a day by day basis.   Our guides have been fishing both the South Holston and Watauga rivers,  giving our anglers the opportunity to see both rivers during their stay with us.  Mayfly nymphs, scuds and midges have all been bringing fish to the net as our trout are settling in on their summer holding spots.

If you have not made your summer plans, look no further!!  We have select dates in July and August that will get your heart racing and blood pumping as we slide into the summer months.  Want to learn to flyfish? We can teach you!  Are you a seasoned angler?  We can show you some advanced techniques to further your fly fishing game.  Give us a call and let us tailor fit your next adventure.  Pictured is first time angler Cari Seaton with a chunk of s brown fishing with SHRL guide Jon Hooper.



Big water is upon us!! Maybe Mother Nature will back off on the rain for a bit so we have the opportunity to dry up for a spell. For now TVA has no choice than to keep that water moving.  Pictured,  is SHRL guide Andrew Bright with a dandy of a brown that chomped a streamer!  Never the less, the fish have to eat and we are out there chasing em down.  Streamer fishing, yep it’s available, nymphing as always and some dry’s to be had in the upper stretches or as the water falls out in the afternoon’s.  The bite has been relatively consistent with the trout keying in on junk flies and bwo’s.  It is about to get kicked up a notch with early Sulphur’s and Caddis coming in hot.  Stay tuned, we will keep you in the loop!


Good Afternoon Angler’s,

High water has been the standard here on both the Watauga and South Holston Tailwaters for a spell now but that has not slowed us down a bit.  Our guides are putting good fish in the net everyday and will continue to do so as we slide into the holiday season.  Egg Patterns, Midges, and Mayfly stuff has been the go to choices for the trout of eastern Tennessee. Both rivers have been fishing excellent, Although if they would turn down the SoHo a bit we would not complain.

The weather has been chilly but everyone has been keeping warm by keeping those rods bent!  If you are thinking of a last minute trip before the holidays or a gift certificate for that special angler in the family,  We have you covered!  While most of the rivers in the country are slowing down we in Tennessee are in full swing and enjoying some fantastic winter fishing!  Give us a call and let us show you what our rivers have to offer!



Hey ya’ll,  Fishing has been red hot on our tailwaters and we have had some great weather to boot.  While Hurricane Florence has dropped ridiculous amounts of water across the east coast our tailwaters have not been affected and are fishing excellent.

It looks like for the next few days TVA will start dialing back the water a bit on the South Holston as we approach the weekend.  Low water floats should be the name of the game with TVA cutting the flow back.  I feel like a broken record as far as fly selections but the bite has been consistent with Midges, Scuds, Baetis and the Squirmy Worm along with some Sulphur nymphs as well.  We still have limited availability for October and dates in November for a last minute fishing trip.

Christmas will be here before we know it and a gift certificate for a great experience on the South Holston or Watauga rivers will please any angler seasoned or new to the sport.  No experience?  This is no problem at all.  Our guides are great teachers and will give you the skills and knowledge and will have you catching trout in no time.  Come check us out and let us share our knowledge with you.


While most of the Southeast is evacuating and preparing for Hurricane Florence our guides are busy netting up ridiculous numbers of trout on a daily basis.  This high water bite has been nothing short of epic as TVA pushes 2300cfs down the SOHOSulpher hatch is in full swing in the afternoons for those anglers looking to catch em on the surface.  Looking to move a monster on a streamer, Yep that is available as well.  The Watauga and the South Holston are both fishing great if you are looking to enjoy some late summer and early fall flyfishing here in East Tennessee.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the people affected by this hurricane, May this storm take it easy on our Carolina coast.