Fishing Report, March 8th 2017

Well it looks like we have escaped the wrath of Mother Nature this year as far as brutal temps, ice and even snow.  Hopefully I will not regret this last statement.

High water floats on the South Holston are definitely on tap as TVA has been running water consistently this past week and with the recent rain it looks like they will keep the flow for a bit.  Scuds, Eggs, Midges and Olive Nymphs are the name of the game on our tailwater for the time being.  Dries? a few rising fish in the afternoons but nothing to get to excited over.

The Watauga is fishing pretty good as well with very little traffic over the past few days, which has been super nice. The minimum flow is what you can expect with a hour pulse in the morning which is putting some serious color in the water for about 2 hours.  It is fishing fantastic on that water drop.  Get out there and enjoy some of God’s creations and put a bend in that flyrod.



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