Next Stop, Doswell Virginia


We are getting things ramped up here at the Lodge and even with the Caddis hatch insight we always look forward to participate in one of our favorite shows of the year, The Virginia Fly Fishing and Wine Festival.  This weekend Festival Director Beau Beasley celebrates almost two decades as commander and chief as what has grown into two amazing days in the fly fishing industry. Beau’s passionate commitment to Veterans and Project Healing Waters and the future of Fly Fishing is why this show hits on all levels.  If you have kids bring em! if you are just starting out?  come on, if you are seasoned angler? Make time for this event and enjoy some great wine and beer and take your fly fishing game to the next level.

Guests speakers are always a great way to take advantage of some education while at the festival.  Beau has a line up of All Stars ready to share their experience and knowledge with you all day.  This is a great way to cut the curve and see things in a professional perspective while enjoying the days activities.

If the South Holston is on your list?  don’t forget to check out Jon Hooper’s Fly Fishing the South Holston River seminar.  He will break down the different seasons and let you know what you can expect during the year. He will also share techniques and fly selections for the tricky trout of the SOHO.  If you would like to elevate your tailwater game or planning a trip to the South Holston then this is the seminar for you.  Hope to see y’all in Doswell.


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