watauga bow

Hell or high water is what the boy’s say on the West Branch of The Delaware River and that’s exactly what we have is high water.  With all of the recent rain both the South Holston and Watauga Rivers have seen around the clock generation and have been running wide open.

What does all this mean for fishing?  Well, the Watauga could dial it down a bit, 2900 cfs is a little much for that tailwater and fishing conditions at that level are tough to negotiate.  The South Holston is a different story, fishing has been killer.  High water floats have been the name of the game and railing fish under an indicator has been our program.  A few Suplhers in the afternoons have made an appearance and the occasional sipper could wind up with a hook in its mouth if we catch em slippin.  If a high water South Holston float trip gets you excited then we have you dialed in this spring. Please remember wading either of these rivers during these flows is not recommended.




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