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The SOHO and the Watauga are both in full swing despite TVA’s randomly fluctuation of water on both tailwaters.  These changes can and are coming with no notice so be aware of water levels especially when fishing the South Holston.  TVA is doing major work on the South Holston Dam so these types of changes are expected.  Even with the change of flow the fishing on both rivers has been excellent and with the cooler temperatures making the days much more enjoyable.  Fall is around the corner folks!

Sulphur’s, yes we got em.  Dryfly fishing was at a premium yesterday as the water dropped and with the 340cfs schedule for the next few days the fishing should be excellent. The Midge bite has been cranking fish in the net but that’s no surprise.  Do not forget about the Scud and Mayfly nymphs as well, they also are definitely getting the job done on our tailwaters.  Great time to be here on our rivers in east Tennessee.


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