Well, Mother Nature must have felt we have reached our saturation point and has given our region a break from the rain, For now.  Despite all the wet weather we have had this spring both Tailwaters are in great shape and are fishing very well.  The Watauga has finally backed off the 24/7 heavy flow and she is ripe for the picking running most of the day at cool 250 CFS,  perfect for floating on one of the most beautiful rivers on the east coast.  You may ask, Are the Sulphurs hatching oh the SOHO?  the answer is a BIG YES.  The Mayflies poured off yesterday giving our guests at the lodge some serious dry fly time all afternoon.  Mayfly nymphs and drys along with some midges are the special of the day for our trout here in east Tennessee.

We are in full swing here at the lodge and it’s been a great season so far.  It will only get better as the SOHO Sulphur hatch gets cranking.  We have availability in July if a last minute trip is in the cards,  Come check us out and see for yourself what our Tailwaters have to offer, You will not be disappointed!


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