Good times and sight fishing to large browns are what is in store on our tailwaters as we round out the summer months and head into football season.  With the low flow and clear water conditions opportunities to spot and cast to large South Holston wild browns has been the name of the game.  Midges have been the trick and treat staple over the last few weeks for the trout of our beloved tailwaters and this will continue until we recieve some higher flows.  After Labor Day TVA should start to drain the reservoir which will get those Sulphurs up and moving.  Both the Watauga and South Holston are fishing well and giving anglers of all skill levels a chance to catch a quality fish and for the numbers angler we have that covered as well.  David Sombach (pictured) drove from northern Virginia just for one day of fishing.  Well, As you can see even after the 6 hour drive fishing with SHRL guide Jon Hooper payed off.  If you are up in the air on where to fish late summer and this fall, Look no further! A east Tennessee tailwater should be on your list.

































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