Fishing Report December 7th, 2017

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Cold temperatures across our region are chiming in for sure.  This certainly has made us dress a bit warmer but the fishing remains solid on both of our tailwaters.  Water flows from TVA are relatively consistent giving us plenty of options to choose from.  The Watauga River has been running a bit of water in the morning and cranking it off for the remainder of the day.  South Holston River has a little different program,  340 cfs on the weekends which is perfect wading or a low water float and then 1100 cfs Monday afternoon till Friday afternoon.  This 1100 flow offers very limited wading opportunities but great from a drift boat or raft.

Yes, It’s that time of year again, eggs, olives, scuds and worm patterns are all catching fish as spawning is in full effect.  Please be mindful of the closed sections on the South Holston, TWRA wildlife officers have been patrolling these areas and we welcome them with open arms.  While other fisheries may slow down or become unfishable during the winter months we here in east TN are still fishing and are in full swing.  So if no crowds and cold weather fishing is your game then this is the place to be!


FISHING REPORT, October 6th, 2017


Two words can describe the fishing on the South Holston as of yesterday, ON FIRE!  Below picture of Bryan Woody can ensure my words.  With consistent releases from TVA and some great weather to boot we are fishing strong here in East TN.  There are still some Sulphur’s in the air and the trout are on the chow as we slide into fall.  Midges, Scuds, Mayfly Nymphs are what’s on the menu for the trout of the SoHo.  If you are still trying to figure out where you are going to fish this fall? look no further.  Our tailwaters have exactly what the doctor ordered.

The Watauga River? Well, I have heard mixed reports but mostly good things.  The SoHo has been fishing to good to go over the hill to the Taug at this time.  All in all great time to be in fishing in East TN.




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The SOHO and the Watauga are both in full swing despite TVA’s randomly fluctuation of water on both tailwaters.  These changes can and are coming with no notice so be aware of water levels especially when fishing the South Holston.  TVA is doing major work on the South Holston Dam so these types of changes are expected.  Even with the change of flow the fishing on both rivers has been excellent and with the cooler temperatures making the days much more enjoyable.  Fall is around the corner folks!

Sulphur’s, yes we got em.  Dryfly fishing was at a premium yesterday as the water dropped and with the 340cfs schedule for the next few days the fishing should be excellent. The Midge bite has been cranking fish in the net but that’s no surprise.  Do not forget about the Scud and Mayfly nymphs as well, they also are definitely getting the job done on our tailwaters.  Great time to be here on our rivers in east Tennessee.

Fishing Report July 26th, 2017


Sulphur’s are still cranking in the afternoons on the SoHo and the weather could not be better.  High water floats have been the name of the game in the afternoons carving out the numbers and having the opportunity at rising trout sipping bugs off the surface.  Low water in the mornings have been putting quality fish in the net on midges and scuds with a little dry fly in the mix.

For those of you that are thinking of taking the plunge into the world of flyfishing this highwater game is a great introduction.  Giving you the chance to work on your cast, mending and line management all while we keep the boat on the move with some of the best guides in the area.  Catching trout and learning skills that will last a lifetime as you adventure down some of the best trout rivers in the east, sounds good, Right?

As summer begins to wind down and you are beginning to think about who to draft for your fantasy football team please remember we are in full swing on both tailwaters and have it dialed in for those of you looking to squeeze in a last minute All Inclusive package or a fishing trip.  Hope to see ya’ll on the river


SoHo Fishing Report June 30th, 2017


High water or low water on the South Holston is what’s up for grabs these days.  It looks like they are going to run a little water in the afternoons for the next couple days giving wade angling  and low water float trips the center of attention throughout the majority of the day.   Sulphur’s are hatching as I post this for sure and the midge bite has been the name of the game especially in the morning before the sun gets straight up and down.  In a nutshell fishing has been good, real good and it will only get better on the SoHo.




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As we slide out of Spring and enter into our summer season the fishing continues to be RED HOT.  The Watauga river is fishing great and boat traffic has been rather light, perfect. Terrestrials, Midges and Mayfly nymphs have been the name of the game and should remain this way for a while longer.  Great time to be fishing the Taug now that TVA has bumped up the flow.

South Holston is in full swing folks!! nymphng in the morning, dry fly in the aftyernoon’s.  This is a magical time to be fishing the SoHo and should continue for the next couple months.  Come take part in a great fishing experience right here in the Blue Ribbon water’s of East Tennessee, you will be glad that you did!!


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The South Holston is still cranking water but that has not slowed us down a bit.  The high water nymph bite has been on point and the dry fly fishing is getting better every day.  Sulpher’s are hatching and the fish are starting to look up to target our buttery morsel of a Mayfly.  Midges and Scuds are also bringing fish to the net in mornings.  In the afternoons? well that would be a different story, Our resident Sulphers are hatching like clockwork bringing to the table a experience that can only be witnessed to understand.

The Watauga has seen big flows over the last couple weeks but over the last two days they have turned the water down making the TAUG fishable again.  This will be a great flow for the tailwater whether you are on foot or have a boat.  This is a great time to be fishing our rivers in east Tennessee , come get in on the action.