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As we slide out of Spring and enter into our summer season the fishing continues to be RED HOT.  The Watauga river is fishing great and boat traffic has been rather light, perfect. Terrestrials, Midges and Mayfly nymphs have been the name of the game and should remain this way for a while longer.  Great time to be fishing the Taug now that TVA has bumped up the flow.

South Holston is in full swing folks!! nymphng in the morning, dry fly in the aftyernoon’s.  This is a magical time to be fishing the SoHo and should continue for the next couple months.  Come take part in a great fishing experience right here in the Blue Ribbon water’s of East Tennessee, you will be glad that you did!!



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The South Holston is still cranking water but that has not slowed us down a bit.  The high water nymph bite has been on point and the dry fly fishing is getting better every day.  Sulpher’s are hatching and the fish are starting to look up to target our buttery morsel of a Mayfly.  Midges and Scuds are also bringing fish to the net in mornings.  In the afternoons? well that would be a different story, Our resident Sulphers are hatching like clockwork bringing to the table a experience that can only be witnessed to understand.

The Watauga has seen big flows over the last couple weeks but over the last two days they have turned the water down making the TAUG fishable again.  This will be a great flow for the tailwater whether you are on foot or have a boat.  This is a great time to be fishing our rivers in east Tennessee , come get in on the action.


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As trout anglers we understand the importance of rainfall and how crucial this can be.  Rainfall can dictate the fishing conditions and in most cases help or hurt our catch rate depending on water flow.  While most rivers in our area are to high or muddy from recent rains the South Holston is still fishing!!! Yesterday the fishing was tough in the murkey water but today is a different story, we are running strong water but clarity has improved and we are in good shape as we enter the weekend.

Sulphers are popping and the dry fly bite shall only get better as we start heading into June.  The Watauga? Well, 2700CFS is alot of water and I will stay away from that flow until TVA dials it back a bit.  Mother Nature must have thought our region was parched and decided to quench our thirst.


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Hell or high water is what the boy’s say on the West Branch of The Delaware River and that’s exactly what we have is high water.  With all of the recent rain both the South Holston and Watauga Rivers have seen around the clock generation and have been running wide open.

What does all this mean for fishing?  Well, the Watauga could dial it down a bit, 2900 cfs is a little much for that tailwater and fishing conditions at that level are tough to negotiate.  The South Holston is a different story, fishing has been killer.  High water floats have been the name of the game and railing fish under an indicator has been our program.  A few Suplhers in the afternoons have made an appearance and the occasional sipper could wind up with a hook in its mouth if we catch em slippin.  If a high water South Holston float trip gets you excited then we have you dialed in this spring. Please remember wading either of these rivers during these flows is not recommended.




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Well anglers,  The wait is over! The last few days the infamous Caddis hatch on the Watauga River has really started to heat up.  This next week should be nothing short of spectacular for those looking to hunt for a big fish rising for big bugs.  The nymph bite has been very good but these trout are starting to look up,  giving away their position and and not turning much down, for now.  The South Holston? yep! fishing great as well. The SoHo is a great option if you would like to see fewer anglers and pressure.  We have had some Sulpher activity as well as Olives in the afternoons.  Spring time fishing at it’s finest right here in East Tennessee.

Next Stop, Doswell Virginia


We are getting things ramped up here at the Lodge and even with the Caddis hatch insight we always look forward to participate in one of our favorite shows of the year, The Virginia Fly Fishing and Wine Festival.  This weekend Festival Director Beau Beasley celebrates almost two decades as commander and chief as what has grown into two amazing days in the fly fishing industry. Beau’s passionate commitment to Veterans and Project Healing Waters and the future of Fly Fishing is why this show hits on all levels.  If you have kids bring em! if you are just starting out?  come on, if you are seasoned angler? Make time for this event and enjoy some great wine and beer and take your fly fishing game to the next level.

Guests speakers are always a great way to take advantage of some education while at the festival.  Beau has a line up of All Stars ready to share their experience and knowledge with you all day.  This is a great way to cut the curve and see things in a professional perspective while enjoying the days activities.

If the South Holston is on your list?  don’t forget to check out Jon Hooper’s Fly Fishing the South Holston River seminar.  He will break down the different seasons and let you know what you can expect during the year. He will also share techniques and fly selections for the tricky trout of the SOHO.  If you would like to elevate your tailwater game or planning a trip to the South Holston then this is the seminar for you.  Hope to see y’all in Doswell.

Fishing Report April 3rd 2017

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Spring has sprung and April showers will bring May flowers this year as we have seen some rain over the last week and it is coming our way as the week progresses.  This is great news! A little extra water is never a bad thing as we head toward our epic Caddis Hatch on the Watauga.

We have had some great fishing over the last couple of weeks and get ready it’s about to be red hot.  Both the South Holston and Watauga have had a relatively consistent bite with Mayflies being the main course under the indicator.   Drys? Yep we got em, in the afternoons for about 2-3 hours of rising trout.   In the next few weeks the waterline on the Watauga Tailwater will be crawling with Caddis, This will bring out the Alpha’s giving anglers a shot at a great brown on the dry fly.  This hatch is short and sweet but truly a phenomenon that should not be missed.  If the thrill of the hunt is up your alley than this hatch can quench that thirst.